A Letter For You

(adapted from Revelation 2:1-7, The Letter to the Church in Ephesus)

A Letter For You

The One from whom you are receiving this letter, is the One in whose right hand are 7 stars. While holding them, I am busy walking in the midst of seven golden lamp stands, My presence with you in your church. I am the One that is holding it together, and to Whom you belong.

I know what you have been doing, the works that you do, all the effort that you extend in my Name, how patient you have been, and that you don’t tolerate any sin and evil.

I know that when some traveling Apostles come, you don’t just believe what they say, you test them first – finding them to be false liars.

Also, I know that you have persevered through hardships, sufferings and trials – and still through it all, you keep your patience. The work and labor that you do, you do for My Name, I see that, and even though it is hard, you haven’t given up or become weary.

But, there is one thing that I am not happy about, that I have against you, the problem with all of this is that you have left your first love. That love that you had for Me right at the beginning. That love that surpassed any other love that this world had. That love that forsook all others and sought only Me, cared only for Me, loved only Me. That first love, that had a heart only for me and what pleased me. For My will, My ways, and My Word. That First Love – when no sacrifice was too great – when time was always too short, and no hour was too long.

Please remember what your love for Me was like, remember the great Height of it, and return to that place of intimacy with Me. I want you to be sorry that you left that place, and I want you to be with Me, doing for Me what you were at the beginning of our Love Relationship.

Please, do this quickly, I am still with you now, but if you don’t, I will have to leave you – but if you turn around and come back to Me, I won’t have to leave.

Oh, but despite that, I know that you despise those who indulge in every kind of sin, and say it is ok. I too hate those who practice such things. We still have that in common, even though you don’t love me still the same way that I love you.

Please, whether you are reading this, or hearing this, please hear what My Spirit is saying to you who belong to Me, and all those who call upon My Name.

And at the end of this life’s struggles, when you have overcome all these battles, I will welcome you into my Kingdom, and give you freely to eat of the tree of life – never again experiencing the anguish of death and separation and sin. Remaining always with Me in the Paradise of God. Have hope in that.

Your Savior, Jesus Christ


demitrikaren3Written by Karen Nikiforos
Wife to Demitri, mother of four, Church administrator and heading up the Women’s Ministry at Calvary Chapel Cape Town. Karen grew up as a pastor’s kid, and served in church for as long as she remembers. She is a great cook and loves people and loves the Lord Jesus passionately!