Enrique – Wanted: A Father

EnriqueGrowing up every single boy wants a father figure in his life. Someone he can love. Someone he can trust. Someone he can admire. Someone he can follow. As a boy, this is what Enrique Assoumou yearned for. Born and raised in Gabon, he grew up with his mother in a single-parent home. But, looking back, it was this very yearning that ultimately led him to God.

“Since my mother was young and unmarried, we lived with my grandfather until he died. Then we lived on our own. My mother worked hard to ensure that I had all I needed, and I knew that she loved me very much. Yet, throughout my childhood, I yearned for a father. I began to grow angry at God for not giving me a dad. I decided I didn’t care about the Lord, and began to live my life without Him.”

When Enrique turned fourteen he finally met his biological father. He discovered that he was his father’s 6th child, and that he had 13 other sons and daughters! A further revelation was that his dad was not exactly a model parent. He was a drunkard and abusive.

“One evening my father came home drunk and had a fight with my step mother. In front of us all he proceeded to beat her up. From then on I began to despise him. I didn’t want him in my life anymore.”

It was at this low point that God began to work in Enrique’s life. Initially, he used his mother. “About that time my mom became a Christian. She started praying for me, and began to invite other Christians to our home to spend time with me. Slowly God began to make it clear to me that He wanted to bring me into His family. If I would place my faith in Jesus Christ I would become His child.”

The Bible says that God is a Father to the fatherless (Psalm 68:5), and Enrique discovered this first-hand. On July 21st, 2002, he personally surrendered His life to Jesus Christ and was saved. Finally he had found a Father!

Today Enrique is 26 years old. He works as a mechatronics technician and resides in Cape Town. A committed Christian, his wish is that those who have grown up without fathers would receive Christ as he did and come to know God as their eternal Father. “Having forgiven me of my sins by His blood, Christ satisfied my deepest longings. In God I found the love of a father that I had been searching for my whole life.”