I know that you are going through trials! Be Faithful

 (Adapted from Revelation 2:8-11, the Letter to the Church in Smyrna)

I Know Your Trials

The One from whom you are receiving this letter, is the One who was there at the Beginning of time – there was none before Me. It is I, who is the Last – there will be none after Me. I am the Author of all that there is, and I am the Completer and Finisher or all that will be. All life starts with Me, and all things are ended by Me. It is me, Jesus Christ, although fully Divine, fully God – it is I who walked upon this earth as a man, to die for humanity, that you reading this letter, might find life – true life – for I did not stay dead, I conquered death, and I am alive.

I look upon your sufferings that you are currently going through, your trials and your pain – I know all that you are currently enduring. Even when you feel all alone, and think that no one knows or cares, I know.

I know that you are in a state of utter poverty, having lost all that this world holds dear, or you once held dear (but know, you have gained all the riches that heaven has to offer you!).

I know about those that cause you pain by their words, who are false, they are not part of my church, but belong to the gathering of the evil ones.

I know that you are afraid right now, please don’t be, I am with you. I also know that there is more suffering ahead, that the enemy of your soul is determined to take you captive by the things of this world, and ensnare you – to the point of physical bondage.

There is a purpose to all this – the purpose is that your faith might be tested. There are still more tests ahead, but I know and I see, and I will limit it to the purposed time that I allow, I am in control.

Be faithful! Be faithful to the point of death – to the point of total denial of self. Persevere, don’t give up! And don’t give in! For when you have endured, then you get the prize! Then you have won! But, you can’t win if you don’t finish the race! You must endure through it all. It will all be worth the reward, I promise you.

If you are reading my words now, or hearing them, please, I urge you to hear my Spirit’s heart behind this letter to you. Once you have conquered this trial – remember I am with you! At the end, when the final victory is yours – there will be no more pain, no more death, no more suffering, there will be nothing left for you to fear… Be Faithful! My Words are True.

I am your life,
Jesus Christ, the Living One


demitrikaren3Written by Karen Nikiforos
Wife to Demitri, mother of four, Church administrator and heading up the Women’s Ministry at Calvary Chapel Cape Town. Karen grew up as a pastor’s kid, and served in church for as long as she remembers. She is a great cook and loves people and loves the Lord Jesus passionately!