Johann – I Know The Plans I Have For You

JohannWhat difference can Jesus Christ make in your life today? In Psalm 103 the Bible gives a definitive answer. The Psalm speaks of God forgiving our sin, healing us, saving us from destruction, and crowning our lives with His mercy and love. Someone who has experienced all these blessings in his life is Johann Loubser.

Johann, a laidback and friendly 31-year old Christian, enjoys surfing, playing guitar, hanging out with friends, and reading. Up until his salvation in 2002, Johann was a Cape Town musician who wanted nothing at all to do with God. His life revolved around parties, punk-rock music, smoking, drinking and pornography.

But these vices eventually made him depressed and suicidal. “Pornography certainly had the worst effect on me,” Johann recalls. “It’s hard to overstate the corruption it brings to the mind and character of a man. I was ashamed and scared of what I had become. In desperation I decided to kill myself. My plan was to die by jumping in front of a fast-moving vehicle at one of the busy freeways near my home in Cape Town.”

Fortunately God had an entirely different plan in mind – one that did not include suicide! Psalm 103 tells us that the Lord “redeems our lives from destruction,” and this is exactly what He did for Johann.

“That very same night, out of nowhere, a thought came into my mind that there was hope for me in God. Instead of carrying out my plan, I decided to go to church. I did, and at the end of the service the pastor gave an invitation for salva-tion. At that moment I felt like I was the only person in that room! God’s presence and His love were suddenly so real! I knew that He would receive me and forgive me in spite of all my sin.”

With tears streaming down his face, Johann confessed his sin and asked Christ to come into his life. The change was remarkable. Immediately his depression and inner darkness lifted and he was filled with joy and peace.

Today Johann is a com-mitted Christian. He uses his musical abilities to lead worship at Calvary Chapel Community Church on Sunday mornings. Although this is his personal salvation story, God’s promises apply equally to you and I. To be saved, all you must do is turn from your sin to Jesus Christ. Claim His promise for your life today: “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “Plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope” (Jeremiah 29:11).